Layrite Mustache Pomade is a high hold water-based pomade that keeps your mo tamed and under control for hours – ensuring you look handsome and dapper from morning to night. Its incredible ability to shape and hold can style and set even the longest handle bar mustache. Plus, special conditioners leave your stache feeling soft and natural – not stiff, dry or waxy. Goes on clear and works easily into your mustache. Absorbs quickly leaving a natural shine for a healthy finish. Never flakes. Washes out easily and won’t leave hair feeling dry or brittle.

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-Incredible hold that lasts for hours, yet leaves hair feeling natural – not stiff or waxy
-Serious shaping that can keep even a handle-bar mustache in place, yet rinses out with water
-Tames and controls to help train your mustache
-Conditions to leave hair feeling soft
-Natural luster for a healthy-looking mustache
-Never flakes
-Signature Layrite mild vanilla scent

-The Handlebar
-The Painters
-The Lampshade
-The English


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